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Flatbed Converting

At Alfast we perform flatbed conversion after your specifications and needs. Flatbed conversion is characterised by a specific method where knives mounted to a flat sheet die cut the specific shape in the chosen material. We have several years of experience and therefore in a position to deliver the products you need. We are always open to new types of assignments and able to find a solution to even the most advanced demands.

Advantages of flatbed converting

Flatbed converting is the optimal choice, when it comes to jobs in fewer copies and smaller stocks. For this purpose, the tools for cutting are cheap to manufacture which makes flatbed converting an evident solution in testing prototypes. At Alfast we offer flatbed converting performed in both rubber and foam. For a complete list of materials, go to the bottom of this page. In case your preferred type of material does not appear on the list, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will find the best solution for you.

The maximum dimension of a die cut product in flatbed converting is 130mm x 250mm. In case of jobs in greater stocks than approximately 50,000 pc. we recommend rotary converting.

Delivery of products

The context of use of your chosen die cutting has great impact on the span of delivery. Therefore, the choice of both material and the size of die cutting is rather significant. At Alfast we always ensure you the best solution within the following subjects:  

-Loose sheets
-Cut through

We are always ready to advise you on materials and products in the preliminary dialogue. Read more about our subjects below. And do you need assistance within flatbed converting? Please contact us via the contact form or call on +45 86 10 93 00.


Loose sheets

Products can be delivered as loose die cuts on a single sheet or a sheet with a specific number of subjects.


Products can be delivered in rewinded rolls in 3” or 6” cores.

Die cutting

Products can be delivered where parts of the die cuts are cut through, and the leftover material is removed.


Products are delivered with a die cut, glue free finger snip, which simplifies the removal of the material used for protection of the glue.